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If your business operates in the country and you want better more affordable internet access, we’re here to help. Invisalink works with business owners to design and customize internet connectivity solutions based on your unique needs.

Our team is ready to speak with you about your business and internet needs. Contact us to request more information about how we can help your business connect to the web.


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We would be happy to make an appointment to speak with you about our services and how we can help solve your business’s internet service needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wireless Internet as reliable as DSL or Cable?

Yes. Our service does not have the issues of satellite or mobile technology where weather becomes a problem. You will enjoy an always-on internet connection.

Why should I get Business Wireless for my home?

If you rely on an internet connection for your business, VPN, or to work from home; we strongly encourage you to get the Business Plan. Business customers will always have priority in support over our residential tiers and every effort is made to remedy your problem by the next business day.

If I purchase a wireless router from Invisalink Wireless Missouri, what is the warranty?

90 Day replacement warranty. Missouri Wireless Missouri may at it’s sole discretion replace the router with one that provides similar functionality.

I bought (or have) XYZ wireless router, will you configure it for me during installation?

No, but you may call tech support to request specific configuration information.

Is your service better than Satellite services like Wild Blue, HughesNet, etc?

Our service does not have the issues of where weather becomes a problem. You will enjoy an always-on internet connection. Additionally, satellite internet service has an astrophysical problem compared to our service, where the connection must travel over 100,000 miles round trip to reach your home. This causes a latency issue to the internet, otherwise known as lag. What this means is that it takes up to 200x the amount of time for your internet connection to receive the data than it does with our service. Satellite also has daily download limits. Sometimes a Windows Update can cause you to reach your daily download limit and you will no longer be able to enjoy a high speed connection. Also, we allow bursting up to 7MB/s, which is more than 5 times the average satellite carrier at a lower cost.

Is it possible to do a Self-Install?

Since our installation requires professional configuration of the router equipment based on location, it is not possible to do a Self-Install.

My house has deed restrictions which do not allow outdoor antennas, can I still get service?

Federal Law limits the ability of landlords, homeowner associations, and local/state governments from restricting your ability to install an antenna to receive our service. For more information please visit the FCC Web Site.

Is it like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc. mobile broadband?

No. Our wireless service is a fixed wireless connection, meaning you cannot travel with it. Additionally, mobile broadband speeds are normally slower than ours, and experience higher latency.